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Domestic violence petition

Stand with Mothers Experiencing Domestic Violence

  • Author: Tim Peters
  • Categories: Domestic Violence

In 2009 Door of Hope made the decision to start serving homeless single mothers and children who are victims of domestic violence. Many of these precious families have witnessed unspeakable abuse and when fleeing from their abusers often leave with nothing. These single moms live at an undisclosed location where they work with case managers, counselors, and other staff to put the trauma they have faced behind them and look forward to a brighter future.

Eight years ago, after seeing Door of Hope’s program and success rate in the community, we were approached by the Government and asked to take over a facility of theirs that was in shambles. There was no staff, no services, and very limited resources.

Door of Hope carefully examined the potential of this facility and decided that if the government was to maintain the funding for that facility, we could use it to do what Door of Hope does best – we could help transform the lives of homeless families in need. Despite historically never accepting government funding, we made an exception because we knew that if properly utilized this facility could be a refuge for women and children who had nowhere else to go.

Door of Hope took over this facility, staffed it, provided programs, life skills classes, and most importantly a place of safety that would be a refuge for hundreds of people over the better part of a decade.

We have just come to find out that despite the amazing success, the government has taken away $211,000 of funding. This money was used to provide families with case management, counseling services, after school programs for the children, and so much more.

We are asking our community to stand with us and give a voice to those moms and children who need Door of Hope to have a chance at a brighter future. Please stand with us and sign the petition asking the government to re-establish our funding so we can continue to make a life changing difference in so many lives that need it.


Tim Peters
Executive Director
Door of Hope

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